Sudokitch was developed live on Twitch by LuckyNoS7evin, it's currently in version 0.0.1 and will be improved over the rest of 2018.

If you are a broadcaster on Twitch feel free to use Sudokitch and have fun with your viewers trying to get the fastest time.

At present Sudokitch is a simple game however some improvements on the cards are:

  • Worldwide Leaderboards
  • Broadcaster Leaderboards
  • Skip puzzle
  • Reset puzzle
  • Broadcaster settings


S7evBot is a twitch chat bot which is still under development

All major features will be supported from similar bots however the aim of S7evBot is to reduce chat and whisper spam.

To make this a reality a lot of information will be provided by Twitch Extensions and Broadcaster Overlay source(s).